I Shouldn’t Be Writing

No, I am not saying that I shouldn’t write because of my lack of talent, no matter how apt this may be. I am also not saying I shouldn’t write because of some dire reasoning like if I were to write something some other untold tragedy besides my writing will transpire, though it may.

There’s only three reasons as to why I shouldn’t be writing right now. The first being is that I really have nothing to write about. I ususually have a story or I have a very loosely based idea in my head that I can go from. I can’t do that now since I have nothing to write about it. Or nothing that I feel matteres enough to write about.

The second is my ambien just kicked in and I am doing all I can to write from a straight and sober mind. It’s kind of difficult considering everything is telling me to go off on a tangent full of nonsense where nothing really gets said.

And the third is the same as the first. It’s just not very good. I want to write but there’s nothing on my mind that feels worthy of writing. So it’s kind of like to get mu full of writing I would have to write through my mixed up thoughts due to the wonder drug that is ambien.

I guess I could write earlier too. That’s a possibility. But it’s not as fun as reading something I wrote and noticing just when the medicine kicked him hard in the head. It’s fun. There’s probably some of that in here.

Find ’em and you win a wworthless nickel.

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