Justin Bieber: Thoughts, Comments, Concerns

I don’t like him. I just want to get that right out of the way. I will never listen to the bublous faced lad and I will lose no sleep when his moment in the sun burns out.

With a strong statement like that, you may think that I hate Bieber. This isn’t true though. I take him for what he is. He’s an icon for the sake of being a teen icon. He knows the moves, knows how to swoon in a way that makes the young girls, (the main fraction of his fan base) pine over his every prebubescent move. He does all these things well so for someone to call out about the kid not being talented is nonsense. It’s the not the talent that I go for when I’m hopinh to be enteretained, but it’s still entertainment.

Being that he is only 16 years old, he’s come quite a far way in such a short time. His success right out of the blue is  abit unerving. Sort of reminded me of hitlers rise to power. I bet that if Hitle had a flip phone he’d be feeling girls on a vespa as well.

Despite all the things you can dislike about the young boy child, the biggest could be that the is from Canada. I like Canada. I want to go to Montreal sometime soon. This whole thing just makes me rethink it. I wish that Justin Biever could have been from somehwere else such as Kenya or whatever. Montreal is nice.

Eh. I guess I could just wait till he burns out and then plan my trip. I ask that he does so in a graceful way. Find another passion or something? Have you ever knitted? I could see you getting a kick out of it.

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