Thoughts on the Egyptian Revolution

While watching the news these past few weeks I’ve been constantly updated on the protests in Egypt. If you haven’t been following the middle-east changing story let me fill you in with a very quick explanation: The president of egypt was a big Backstreet Boys fan while the everyday citizens of the country were N’Sync fans. A smaller group riding on camels were fans of New Kids on the Block and wanted to ruin the whole protest with violence, a typical response from NKB supporters.

Now that the reasons for the protests have been cleared, let’s see what I took away from the entire thing.

Egyptians are able to stand for a very long time. It’s true! Through all of this commotion, the protestors gathered in Liberty square in Cairo and did not sit. Whenever a camera panned over the crowd the people were standing still or milling about in an unorganized fashioned. There was constant movement in the square, and people just seemed like they didn’t want to rest until President Mubarak was removed from office. But even after he stepped completely down earlier today, the people still didn’t sit. This leads me to another thing that I’ve learned from this whole ordeal: Egyptians are incredibly fit.

They spent weeks protesting by constantly standing and marching and when they received the news they wanted they proceeded to jump up and down. This shows the amazing calf strength of the Egyptian people. Mubarak may have taken their civil liberties away, but he most certainly didn’t take away they’re incredibly toned thighs.

As writing this I realized that the people involved in this revolt did indeed leave their feet when it was time for prayer. If it’s ok with you I’m going to ignore this aspect of the story. It’s not because of any religious intolerance, but only because it takes away from my learnings and I don’t want to say that I learned nothing from such a world changing event.


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