My 101st Post

The last post that I contributed was the 100th entry of my blog. Through the past 100 works of nonsense I have proven that people void of any coherant thoughts can produce something somewhat tangible.

I’ve tried to touch on various topics, which I think that I have been pretty successful with doing. There is no real hyme or reason with my various diatribes. They’re not thought out and clearly not researched very well which makes for many factural errors (I think everything I’ve said has been true, though, so to me I have never given any false information).

I plan on writing here for as long as I possibly can and that means that with any luck I’ll be able to break the 200 mark with my ramblings. Considering I don’t usually know what I’m going to write about until I sit down and begin sketching out the idea in my head, I’ve thought of a few possible topics that I may touch on. Here they are.

-Dust conceived by mythological creatures.

-The best chewing gum there is.

-If so and so fought whatsername who would win?

-Why God made the platypus.

-Evolution kind of sucks and individuals with webbed fingers and toes are an example of this.

-Why I am voting for Obama in 2012.

-Why I am not voting for Obama in 2012.

-Why I am not voting in 2012.

-Car dealership commercials are the best commercials on TV.

-The Etrade baby is a sell out.

-If I had to live somewhere other than the United States I would live in (insert country).

Those are some possible new stories that I will be working on so that I can reach the 200 milestone. I promise to try to do better on the next hundred if you promise to keep reading.


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