Anything You Love I Can Love Better

Band of Horses is a Seattle based band that was formed in 2004 and has since become a staple in the indie rock music world. In 2007 the group released an album entitled Cease to Begin. The record is pretty damn good seeing that the band seemingly knows how to incorporate just the right amount of fuzz into their at times rocking music. The third track on the release is the melancholy (to me anyway) No One’s Gonna Love You. The lyrical content of the song basicaly has lead singer Ben Bridwell explainging that his love for his lover will never be equaled. And no one is ever gonna love you more than I do, he lampoons. It’s a sentiment that I’m pretty sure everyone has shared at one point or another. There has been a time where you simply cannot imagine someone ever loving a particular person to the extent that you do. Unfortunately, as honest and strong as your love may be, you’re wrong when you think that it can never be matched.

See, I loved someone once with everything that was in me. I’ve loved several people with my enitre being. I would do anything for them and despite my faults, I would seldom faulter with that basic principal. I’ve spent many nights in my bed thinking that my love could simply never be matched. No one would ever find it in themselves to love this person as passionatly as I did. They may love them, but they didn’t love them like I did. It just wasn’t possible.

This kind of thinking made it extra hard when things didn’t work out. The person I loved with everything I had was able to find someone else who apparently loved them just like I did. They must have, anyway, considering that they didn’t feel that they needed my love anymore. Their new interest’s love was all they needed. My feelings, while still precious and undeniably true, were matched by someone else. Knowing that this new person was able to look my love in the eye and full heartedly tell them that they loved them more than life made me feel awful. It made, to me, my pouring of my heart feel inferior and lackluster. Like all those things that I thought only I was able to give and feel were just cheap words, even if I meant them with the greatest amount of sincerity.

In reality, my love is not made any less because someone else feels the same way that I do. It just means that the person I love is very loveable. This isn’t a bad thing when you really think about it. Sure it will lead to sleepless nights and probably some binges involving products with names like Molson, Beefeater, and a Gentleman named Jack, but that’s just part of the experience of love. If anything, think about how you were with someone who is very desirable to other people. This is kind of cool. I mean you were with someone who a whole lot of people pine for. You got them. That’s not a bad deal. Good f0r you.

It should also be stated that just because this other person may have the same amount of love that I have for a person, my love is still more qualified for their love.

On Jimmy Eat World’s 2010 release Invented, Jim Adkins sings about an assortment of things on the title track 0f the record. The words that struck me the most are towards the latter part of the song when we hear Adkins softly croon “any dick can roll up in a suit. But only I would know what really moves you.”

This made me think that just believing that you love someone as much as you say you do doesnt get anything done. You can move someone, as Mr. Adkins puts it, and you may feel you’re the only person who will be able to convey this emotion or extract real feeling from a person, but it’s not true.

The truth is, regardless of all the love that has been shared between two people, there’s going to be other people around who love them just as much, if not more, than you do. And it’s a really sucky part of life. Because feeling like your all isn’t good enough is a terrible feeling.

But life goes on. The night is young. You’ll make a great catch for someone. So get back on your horse and do your best to find someone who only needs your love. Find someone who you simplly cannot help but give love too. It’s like a drug. Love that its. GThat love you have for that person should be like a drug. But a drug that you don’t have any intentnion of kicking. Because that Love/drug gets you closer to the only thing that matters to you.

So love on. You’ll find that person one day. I promise it.


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