I Can’t Believe I Used To Like That: The Retraction of Youth

When I was younger (I realize this is an odd statement considering that I’m only 22 years old but that doesn’t really matter) I used to like things that I certainly do not like now. In fact, I liked things in my youth that I am almost ashamed to admit that I liked. In fact in fact, when admitting that I liked this (in my mind) embarassing thing I’ll remark on how dumb I was when I was young. I’m not alone in this though since you have also done this in one way or another.

You might have said something along the lines of (insert age) *your name* liked such and such. This is only included in your discussion because you feel slightly (or very) ashamed for have liking this. So instead of try to justify your feelings on the matter you attach your young age to show that it was respectable because you simply didn’t know any better.

This way of doing things is pretty dumb if you ask me (I consider myself dumb for doing this and other equally dumb things). Everyone’s tastes change as they grow older. This is a fact, but that doesn’t discredit the tastes that you had when you were younger. They’re not dumb jsut because you have moved on from them. They’re just a foot note in the ever expanding discovery of who you really are.

Now, as I type this I realize that some things that we do when we’re young are really stupid. Take for instance the time in high school when some friends and myself got drunk off of a Smirnoff malt beverage that I can’t recall the flavor of (maybe sour apple?). They were building a house down the street from my friend’s home and we thought it would be fun to go into the fairly hollow structure and…well, I’m not sure what we planned to do. We definately didn’t intend to go in and grab random things from the house and toss them triumphantly into a lake which was only a matter of yards from the property. At least I think we didn’t intend on it. I like to think that we had a slightly better objective, though we probably didn’t. But that’s ok. We were young and that seems to cover us from any wrong doing. We were only kids.

I know that there’s a difference between acts of vandalism (in my case really stupid ones) and liking Something Corporate, but the principal remains the same. I look back fondly at my pillaging of that incomplete building while I scoff at my adoration of The All American Rejects. I’m not sure why this is. Both are aspects of my development as a person, but the one just seems silly now. And not in a good way.

I’m not quite sure what my point is, but I do know that we as humans are incredibly dumb to think that just because we liked something back when we had acne and braces is somehow a reflection of who we are now that we passed that awkward stage (I don’t have braces or acne but I am still incredibly awkward). The truth is the you that you are now is not the same person who thought that The Breakfast Club was the most life affirming thing ever. That’s fine that you don’t share that sentiment anymore, but it is also fine that you once did.

So wear your youthful likes proudly on your sleeve. Things were better before you became old and jaded, even if it seems dumb that you once weren’t.


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