MTV and My Not So Vivid Memories of High School

There’s a new controversial show on MTV and much to my chagrin it’s not Who Wants To Snooker Snooki. But the show that they are running is called Skins. The show depicts a typical high school, though they really like to push for the bad* that is going on in a typical high school. Apparently the subject matter that is represented in the show is incredibly vulgar and quite risque. It has in turn garnered scorn from groups such as The Parents Television Council, a conservative media advocacy group.

The chief complaint from the PTC is the fact that several of the actors who are in the show are under the age of 18. One is 15, a super good age for drug use and prostitution. The council has called for the Justice Department (as opposed to the Justice League) to investigate the show for apparent child pornography.  Apparently the PTC doesn’t feel that the age of 15 is a good age for drug use and selling your body for sex.

Let me say, that I loathe censorship. This makes sense considering I’m a libertarian, granted not a card carrying one(for some reason I don’t feel like I should have to pay money to a group when it comes to ideas and beliefs). I feel that people should be able to do what they want, especially when it comes to media. It’s easy to click a button on your remote or TV and simply not watch a program.

With that being said there are somethings that should be not shown. And not because people don’t have the ability to turn off a program incredibly easily. But the fact that children are being forced to do these scenes that are clearly promoting a subject matter that can be detrimental to childen.

And hey, I knew about sex drugs in high school at a fairly young age. You’d have to be blind not to notice how things were. But this show seems to give the actors a good reason for doing these activities. And that just seems sad to me. Sure, they need parents consent to do this show. But what the fuck are the parents thinking? That their kids will make money and be famous for probably a rather short time. And for what? Being a young whore? For being a young person who likes to get high?

Part of my anger over the show stems from the fact that is that it doesn’t seem to unfold any of the problems in hgih school. Everyine knows that a growing individual is going to fall prey to the temptations of sex and drugs and all those temptations eventually help form you as a person. But why do we need a show that will only axaggerate the lives of teenagers. I don’t even care about the thoughts people have that this show will lead kids to want to live their lives like that. It probably will, but whatever. If not for that it would be some other thing. I just can’t get myself to believe that a show on a useless TV station such as MTV will chjange the layout of the average high school student to such an extreme.

As for the investigation that is being pressed to look into the show, if the crime is there then they most definately need to do something about it. But if it’s something that is only there if you actively half to look at it and really dive deep in ways a casual viewer would never do than I say let the show be.

It’s still a piece of shit and smut but let it be.

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