Why Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi Is My Hero

There are many things to dislike about the big haired creature. With that being said, we will not focus on any of them here. Instead we’ll praise her for being the epitome of what everyone wants (minus the creature thing).

Think about it. She’s a millionaire and famous for being nothing more than herself. A lot of people are famous and they are themselves, but it’s differen when it comes to Snooki. Her whole schtick is getting drunk, being obnonxious, having sex with strangers, and getting into fights. It’s kind of like she is living her life as if she were still an infant, albeit a grown up one. Her ID is out of control and good things are happening her because of it. And this is amazing to me.

Ms. Polizzi is living the American dream and I’m starting to think that the hatred people have for her is more due to the fact that she is famous for just living her life as she knows and that they aren’t afforded the luxury of doing the same. It’s out of envy rather than really caring. Snooki, on principle, shouldn’t be famous for the things she does and everyone knows this. Because everyone knows this it has become a matter of contention with people who secretley want to be her in some capacity. And this is all brought on only because the girl doesn’t know any better. She’s incredibly well known because of all her flaws. The fact she is able to do this shows how she should be admired. People hate her so much that they can’t help but look for new reasons to hate her. This makes her even more popular which in turn makes the vein in your head stick out. This virtual nobody is now a notable somebody all because she was able to piss people off.

If you ask me, this makes her pretty smart and all of us pretty dumb. So brava Snooki. Your quite the business woman.

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