Everyone Thinks About These Things

The other night I was sitting in my room on my laptop. I guess I was tired of seeing if anyone commented me on facebook (what a fucking lush I am) and found myself searching random things on google. I’m not really sure why I was doing this when I could be doing much more important and valuable* things with my time (even if it is the middle of the night).

Anyway, I began to type in various philosophical questions and saw that as I began typing them in google was able to suggest exactly what I was going to enter.  OK. That’s not really that big of a deal considering that philosophical questions are only such if they have been asked for a long time by a lot of people. But what of the random questions that google knows?

You can ask anything with google and they’ll be able to figure out what you were going to say. Which in turn means that other people have asked the same exact question you have. Which means that enough people have found enough interest in something you find interesting to go online and ask about it. Which kind of means that everyone everywhere is thinking the same damn thing.

This upsets me more than I find it comforting. I know that the idea that we are all the same is supposed to provide humanity with a sense of community and understanding, but to me it just signals how dumb we really are. Why in God’s name are people interested in stories about magnets? Why do people care about twiddling their thumbs? Why does anyone look up anything with the exact word sequence of bear shark octopus. Why!?

I realize that I am searching for these things and I sort of hate myself for searching. I don’t get why I do and I don’t get why anyone does. What is it that is inherantly in us that makes us think about these things? Why did evolution see fit to include this trait in our Id?

I think it’s probably because we’re really that dumb. And that upsets me. I guess I always held out hope that we were smarter than I thought.

Or that people were more orginial. You can try to be the only person to ever do something, but guess what? Someone else has muttered some random string of words together, too. That’s right. Someone thought to themselves, “I’m going to be the only person in the history of the world to say bull dog baby turtle freezer code combination outlets in the state of Pennsylvania.”

And that’s disappointing for an innumerable amount of reasons.

*Kind of redundant.

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