Waking Up Early And Why We Should Sleep In*

*I took Ambien tonight, and althought I said I would never write anything after taking the stuff,I feel the need to write. So here it is. Please go easy on the mistakes, misuse of words, poor grammar, and overall confusing aspect of what I write tonight. Thanks.

Why do you, as humans, wake up early? Animals rise eaarly to cathch their food supply. When the dawn starts just to break they are running around and putting things into action.

Humans wake up by hitting their snooze selveral times as well weighing the opition of the unplugging the whole thing. They begrudgingly get out of their warm, stressless bed and expeirence the cold darkness of their homes.

And when they are all ready for the day, meaning clean and stylded (with a shirt and tie and slacks) they drive there cars to a place where they stay for 8+ hours and convince yourself this is what it’s meant to be. And it is how it should be, I guess. There’s some sort of pride (thought I’m not sure what kind of pride it is) that comes from wearing a tie to work and working full time.

But I think we’d all rather sleep in. Sleeping is the best feeling ever. Even above  love making, drinking heavily, watching puppies run inna soft field, and the country of Canada.

It’s just so great to be able to say fuck it and get some sleep. And turning your head and turning off the alarm is equally amazing.


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