The Name Game

We all have certain names that we like and certain names that we can’t stand. These likes and dislikes all stem from experiences that we encounter in our lives.

For instance, remember that kid you hated back when you were in school? Or that guy who your girl friend left you for? Or that really creepy person who licked their lips constantly at work and subsequently made you uncomfortable? I bet you won’t be naming your kid the name of that person.

On the reverse, there are some names that you’ll grow attached to. They’ll be loosely (or strongly) associated with good memories in your life or people who have been a positive influence to you. This is why a lot of people will have their father or mother’s name somewhere in their name. Or why parents will name their children after their parents. It is also why you don’t find as many babies with the name Adolf these days.

So through my short life I’ve already made a list of names that I will never name my child (if I have one). It shouldn’t come that much of a shock that the names I’ve blacklisted are predominantly (meaning all) male. This is because all of these names a premarily hated because a lover has gone off with someone by that name. For whatever reason it’s easier for me to resent the guy who “broke” up the relationship rather than hating the girl. I’m not sure why this is, but I assume it’s because I have an emotional attachment with the female on turning off those feelings is much more difficult than hating a complete stranger.

I was thinking about listing the names I have found myself to loathe, but then decided that it’s not worth it. It comes off as trite and childish and considering the fact that I’ve tried reasonably hard to make this blog personal. yet in a universal way, listing names of other guys who have been with my ex-girl friends seems like crossing the line between common bond and creepy.

So I’ll just say that one of the names isn’t Rutherford. Rutherford is an amazing name. If a girl left me for a guy named Rutherford I’m pretty sure I’d just want to be his friend.


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