The Worst in America

Ever sense the shootings over in Arizona have become public it’s been one big cluster fuck of politicians and people in the media yelling back and forth about how one side is to blame while the other side yells that the ither side is to blame,

It caught me off guard because of how simple it was. The sherrif spoke and insinuated that the shhoter was probably a right wing wacko who was quite clearly getting his info from places like Sarah Palin and Glen Beck. They never said anything to call fr violence. They did use symbolism which to me was always just that.

Maybe this guy shot at the congresswoman and those who just wnted to meet her simply because he just want to be known. I don’t know why this has happened. But clearly this had much more to do with him being a complete sociopath.

We should all just focus on that. That a wackjob did a horrible thing for no reasoning that makes any sense.

No more yelling.

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