No One Should Do Anything but Sleep After Taking Ambien

Case and point: Several posts on here. I write late at night and usually it all stems from that moment of perceived clarity right before sleep. Ambien distorts that though. Instead of thoughts of clarity that are achieved naturally through my inability to sleep, I have these thoughts of nonsense that make sense because Ambien makes you think of nonsensical things as things that are truth.

You can also tell when I’m under influence of the wonderful sleep aid because my spelling suffers and I miss words in sentences and there’s a certain sense of the writing being rushed. I attribute this to the fact that I probably want to sleep but feel obligated to contribute something to this blog. I don’t really remember writing these posts until I have non-specific memories of writing something.

So in response to these poorly written, haphazardly phrased musings I have decided to not write after taking Ambien. At least not on here. This stuff is all far too golden (please note my sarcasm here) and having these kind of posts is detrimental to the overall serious themes and tone that this blog represents and strives for.

I’ll still probably write things when I drink too much. That’s what Hemmingway did. And Hemmingway is pretty famous. And that’s all anyone really wants. To be famous like Hemmingway.


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