The Crumbling of Civilization

This past sunday a 10 year old boy shot his mother in the head with a .22 caliber rifle thus ending her life. The kid was charged with murder on monday as authorities have said that there is no way this was an accident.

While reading this awful story I scrolled down to the comments section (the best place to look for the stupidity of America). One comment caught my eye. It stated, civilization is crumbling.

This caused me to think. Is civilization really crumbling? Is this just another event that is showing us the terrible decay of society? The fine folks at define civilization as such:

–noun 1. an advanced state of human society, in which a high level of culture, science, industry, and government has been reached.

I guess you could say that a 10 year old Kurt Cobaining his mother shows us that we’re not very advanced. But do outliers count? I mean, it’s not very often that we hear of stories like this. And when we do I think it’s good to take into account how many people there are in this country, let alone the world, and think about how small a percentage of people do things like this.

On the flip side though, aren’t there other signs that civilization has been marginalized? If you really wanted to you could pick up any paper and go through a multitude of examples of how we’re just living in a decaying world. Or put on any news program and sit back and enjoy all the suck that there is in the world. We, meaning the human race, really do a lot of awful things. Thanks to advances in technology we are able to constantly see just how bad the world can be.

Which makes me wonder if they ever thought the same thing back in times since past. Like, did the people of Sodom and Gomorrah ever look at each other and say “what the fuck is this world coming to”? Is the idea of society falling apart something we’ve crafted?

I don’t know the answer to these questions. I also don’t know what my point is, or if there even is a point. Maybe it’s that saying civilization is crumbling because of one bad egg (yes, I consider a kid who shoots his mom a bad egg) is overkill. The world has been through a lot. Humans have been through a lot. We’ll get by. That’s what we do. And if we don’t then we won’t be worrying about it anyway cause we’ll be dead.

Besides, if you want an example of civilization crumbling look at the 1993 live action box office smash Super Mario Bros. Not Brooklyn. The parallel universe where King Koopa (played by that stud Dennis Hopper) is dictator.

Seriously. That movie is cinematic gold. I don’t care what Siskel and Ebert said.

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