Last Night I had a Dream About You*

I don’t really remember much. But the vague blur of it was pretty awesome. I think that we were working (in the dream we clearly worked together) and there was a big mess up with the registers (it was cleary a retail job) and the store was short 200 dollars. We already knew that someone had messed up some transaction earlier in the day (it was a new employee) and it had been taken care of. But everyone was called into the break room and the store was closed (in dreams stores do things like that) and we were sitting around waiting for the manager to show up.

Luckily the dream changed and the break room became the scene of a company party. There was this odd punch drink that was very much filled with alcohol, though you couldn’t taste it. So I got drunk (dream drunk is more fun then real life drunk if only because you don’t have a hangover) and it became a silly time.

I don’t really remember what happened after that. I’m sure more fun was had and we had a great time. So thanks for joining me in my stupid dream. You made it a good one.

*It might have not been you. It might have been a cartoon duck. I don’t really remember.

2 Responses to “Last Night I had a Dream About You*”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Duck-To dream about ducks suggests either a spiritual liberty, if they are flying, or the subconscious, if they are swimming. Being that ducks can do several things, such as walk, fly, and swim, this could be indicative of your ability to adapt to different circumstances. Also, this dream may be suggesting that you are in trouble of being trampled by a colleague or friend, such as the ‘sitting duck.’ You may also be trying to avoid a situation, like ‘ducking’ it rather that dealing with it. To dream about a white duck indicates a deception or lie.


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