Resolutions Made As Snooki Dropped Like a Gerbil

Seeing that a new year has begun it is an ideal time to set lofty goals for myself. Why not make these things public so you can call me out on them when I fail to keep them. We’ll start out easy.

I plan to quit smoking. This will be easy considering I quit smoking a few months ago and have done pretty well with keeping that up. I might not be as cool, but I’ll live a little longer. So that’s kind of neat, I guess.

I’m not g0ing to wet myself this year. I didn’t last year and I think keeping the streak alive is a good thing.

I’ll stop trying to figure out the gecko’s name from the Geicho commerical. There’s just nothing all that special about knowing his name. The chase is clearly the only thing that is appealing about it.

I’ll watch an entire NBA game. I think the last time I did this was when I was little and I would go to Nets games. I’ve never watched a complete game on TV. So, this will be the year I do that.

I’ll read a book. I’m not sure what book, but I like to believe that in the span of 365 days that I’ll be able to read at least one book.

I’ll finish my novel. I figure it’s about time I have a completed story that can get rejected by various publishers.  But that means I’ll get a bunch of letters from various publishers. It’ll be a neat collection.

I won’t get sick because of alcohol. I was going to cut liquor out completely, but I really like to drink. So why throw out something I like when I can just not overindulge? That seems like the adult thing to do and considering I’m an adult I guess it’s the way I should do things.

As of right now, that’s all I can really think of. It’s not much, but it’s something. I ask you to join me and try to keep your resolutions as well. Particularly if your resolutions benefit me somehow. That’d be swell. On the other hand, if your resolutions are ones that are messed up, maybe you should forget about them. We don’t need that right now. We’ve got 2 years left before this place sinks, and I think we should just have a good time before that happens.

Ya know, achieve world peace and then have the world destroyed by magnets or whatever. Still don’t know how they work.


One Response to “Resolutions Made As Snooki Dropped Like a Gerbil”

  1. spoon Says:

    Traffic accomplished.

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