‘Imagine’ and Other Lofty Ideas and sleeping pills

I set my music library on shuffle earlier today and John Lenon’s iconic song, Imagine, came on. I’m not a big Beatles fan, but if I were to pick who my favorite Beatle was, it would probably be George Harrison. But with that being said, John Lenon is a close second.

His most famous song is the song Imagine and it is possibly the best anti-war song ever written. Though I’m sure you are aware of the song, I’ll quickly paraphrase it’s intent:

He sings about how it would be great if everyone was united and didn’t have any differences.

That is probably the easiest way to describe the song, though it also makes it sound simplisti. But peace is pretty simple if you think about it. Don’t fight. There. Forget about the reasons you’re fighting and just relax. It’s easy.

One line in the song struck me though: “Imagine there’s no countries. It isn’t hard to do. Nothing to kill or die for. And no religion too”.

The bolded part is the line that made me think. See, I consider myself a pacifist. I think that violence is almost always pointless and the world would be a much better place if we could figure out how to settle our disputes in a less destructive way (I think a good game of dodge ball would work. It’s harmless and gets anger out).

But back to the main problem I have with his remarks over there being nothing to kill or die for. Isn’t some of the most beautiful things the things you would die for? Let’s look at it in a romantic way. I’m sure there have been people in your life who you cared about so deeply that you would die for them. Granted, you were probably just being poetic. But there are some people who are being truthful when they say things like that. Look at cases of war torn countries where parents are throwing themselves on top of their children so they won’t be hurt when a roadside bomb goes off. They are willing to die for them.

Now, I guess you could say Lenon was talking about if we were to eliminate war all together we wouldn’t have to die for someone because there would be no reason to throw yourself over them because there would be no bombs. And that’s all well and good. That is a world that seems pretty nice. But is it?

I’m not saying that you need to die to show how much you love someone. You can just not be a dick for starters. But if if there’s no struggles then you can’t really show all that much. Not when it comes to love anyway. Love is nothing without actions. Love is nothing without a struggle.

The first person who loves you on this earth is your mother. She’s the first person who shows you a caring touch. Who shows you love. To the mother, she’s in love with her child. There’s a connection that she cannot even begin to describe. And ya know what? It took her 9 months and a broken prophylactic to achieve this unspeakably beautiful love. She had to fight this “war” to get to where see’s true love.

At this point you’re probably thinking that in a world full of peace babies are still going to be had and you are right. So it is kind of nice to see the world look like this.

But they still find things that don’t quite work out for themselves. Imagine throws out the struggle that is needed to have an intense and long standing and a long lasting one as well. If there are no struggles, love is going to be weaker. The maiden trapped in her castle maybe just became that girl from gym class. Maybe the princess is just a clerk at some coffee shop. It’s just not as good as running into battle to0 save the love of your life.  It doesn’t have the same feeling that covering your child after a blast does. Yes you love your kid, but that love seems like love based off of comfort. I don’t want that kind of love. I was to prove my love to someone. I want them to prove it to me. I wasnt my lofty romantic ideals to mean s0mething more than just words. I want them in action.

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