#9 – 25 Days of Christmas: The Day (week) After Christmas Hangover

Note that this doesn’t have to have anything to do with partaking in too much holiday cheer. I was thinking more of the let down that occurs after Christmas comes and goes. How the decorations are still up. Radio stations still play Christmas songs but they just leave you feeling cheap. Suddenly stores start slashing the prices of Christmas merchandise making you feeling even cheaper. Kind of like you got duped by the whole Christmas mirage.

Well I have a way for you to not have to deal with the let down that follow Christmas that almost always make you feel bad. Simply avoid them. I suggest just sleeping for a week. Right through New Years Eve (probably the worst holiday).¬† When you wake up, it’ll be a new year and you won’t have to make promises you won’t keep. Plus you get out of the aawful celebrations that occur on New Years Eve. A bunch of people getting together in a crammed room with shitty music and shitty food and shitty drinks and shitty small talk. If you’re dating someone, the two of you are going to fight. You won’t even know why you’re fighting but you will. And it’ll probably be your fault.

So I say avoid the whole thing. Take a Nyquil vacation. Benadryl could work too. Just escape for awhile. It’ll do you good. I promise.


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