#7 – 25 Days of Christmas: I’m Getting Tired of Writing About Christmas

There are so many topics to cover when talking about one of, if not the, most popular holiday in the world. You would think finding 25 topics would be such an easy thing to do. In reality, it is. I’m just finding that I’m getting sick of writing about topics I don’t really care about.

See, I’m not at all moved by the Christmas spirit. This year especially has sucked any of that Christmas cheer from me. I’m sure there are a multitude of reasons for this, none that I really feel like talking about, but they certainly have made the holidays just suck.

So what does one do when they just can’t seem to make any sense of this upcoming holiday season? A younger version of myself would simple say that the best way was to just drink and get throlugh the holidays one sip at a time. This isn’t an awful idea and I certainly haven’t ruled it out of the running. At the same time, I’ve been unkind to my liver in the past and I think I should let it have a holiday of it’s on.

So I think the best option for avoiding the festivities that are upcoming are to simply not be there for them. I don’t mean suicide or anything like that, I just mean sleep. Take a holiday from living through sleep. Just enjoy the holiday cheers in the realm of dreams. Unless of course you have bad dreams.

Then I guess drinking is the most viable option. Or pet a puppy. Puppies provide joy. So have a  beer and pet a puppy. Life is swell when those two wonderful things are in involved.

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