#4 – 25 Days of Christmas: Drums Cause Quite a Commotion

Drums can be an unpleasant presence when you want to relax. After a night of heavy drinking the phrase is often uttered that there feels like someone is banging a drum in your head. Someone playing loud music in the house next to you in the middle of the night can cause you to want to take an ax to their front door.

Which leads me to wonder if The Little Drummer Boy was more annoying than cute.

Everyone knows that babies need sleep. Considering that in the Christian religion Jesus was a human I would imagine that the same rules would apply. This makes me think that bringing a drum around a newborn infant is a bad idea.

I get the whole moral behind the story. That we’re supposed to give thanks and use our talents, regardless of what they might be, to praise God. But I wonder if that kid had anything else he was good at. I think there are so many things better than banging a drum that could make a baby become agitated.

In a way I feel bad for the boy with the drum. It’s a melancholy situation to be in if the only thing you have to offer is an easy beat made  by smacking a stick against an animal skin. But hey, I guess you have to make what you have work.

Even if it’s a terrible impression of Neil Peart.


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