#3 – 25 Days of Christmas: Maybe the Grinch Had His Reasons

In 1957 the wonderful writer Dr. Seuss penned a Christmas story that was meant to show the evils of the commercial aspect of the holiday. In a way, I guess you could take the whole thing kind of hypocritical, but that’s not what I want to talk about now. I want to focus on the Grinch and how maybe he had a reason to be bitter.

The Grinch lived on Mount Crumpit with his dog Max; his only friend. He was probably forced up that trecherous mountain by the Who’s of Whoville, the town below. The Who’s, a petty bunch, most likely took this action against the Grinch because he’s a pretty foul guy. Every creature on this planet is beautiful in it’s on way, but let’s not cut corners. The Grinch was an ugly diseased cat looking thing. Living as a recluse probably means he didn’t feel the need to bathe or groom or do anything of that nature. Poor Max, right?

But can we can’t blame someone for being ugly. It’s not like the Grinch chose to have the look that he had. He only embraced it when he felt he had no other option. He settled. And how were the Who’s any better? I guess some of them could be considered cute. But a lot of them were pretty creepy looking themselves.

I also like to throw out the fact that overly happy people can be infuriating. The Who’s with all their singing just annoyed the hell out of the guy. Add in the fact they did their celebrations in clear view of the Grinch just makes them more annoying. It’s akin to someone putting their finger in your face and saying in an annoying voice that they’re not touching you. Even worse, they do that annoying gesture while being a million times happier than you are and their expression clearly shows it.

Taking these things into account, it seems almost understandable that the Grinch would loathe a holiday where the Who’s would get together and rejoice. The Grinch felt shunned by the community below him and he just wanted them to feel the emptiness that they made him feel every day of his life.

Granted, he could have gone about ruining their fun in a nicer manner. Probably something more efficent as well.

Personally, I would have tried to convert the town to Judiaism, but that’s just me.


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