#2 – 25 Days of Christmas: Christmas for Whores

In 1953 a Christmas song was released that made being a whore around the holidays just awesome. The sultry voice of Eartha Kitt was heard singing about handing out sexual favors for various earthly possesions.

It’s kind of interesting when you think about it. The 1950’s aren’t a time that your mind conjures images of sex and conniving intentions (ignore the existence of Marilyn Monroe and Russia when reading this statement). Yet Santa Baby preaches, in the confines of a catchy jingle and oddly family appropriate setting, that sex can get you what you anything you want in life. Whether it be a new car, jewlery, or a deed to a house you can get it as long as you’re willing to give it.

Perhaps the most striking thing about this song is that it’s incredibly truthful. Our society (world?) is so saturated with sex that it pretty much is the currency of the human race. It can be chalked up to evolution, but I like to think that we’re slighty better than just being moved by lust. I guess I’m a romantic (or a naive fool).

So, this Christmas you should gather with your loved ones around the ol’ family radio and listen to Santa Baby on loop until your daughters realize that the quickest way to get anything is to open their legs and your sons learn that the easiest way to receive ‘love’ is to give something of great monetary value to someone elses daughter.

Merry Christmas.


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