Why Would Anyone Want To Be Famous: A Recluses View of Fame

After you factor out the money and the sex and all of those perks and being remembered, being famous kind of sucks.

I speak from the point of view of someone who has never been famous (or ever will be), but being famous just doesn’t seem to be very rewarding. Sure you get rewards, but don’t you lose the one thing most clear-headed people want, privacy and peace of mind? Ok, that was two things. But they both are true.

When you become famous, everyone knows pretty much everything about you (even if it’s incorrect). Which to me, doesn’t seem worth it. To think that something dumb you did in your past will be brought up and exposed on a national (or global) level kind of makes being rich and known not so great.

And think about the security you will need. If you’re famous someone will hate you. It doesn’t matter if you deserve it or not, someone will. And someone may want to do something with their hatred and act it out in a manner that is dangerous to you. So you’ll never get to go to the movies without your posse. You won’t be able to just go to an eatery you enjoy without some TMZ jerkoff asking you stupid questions. It’s just an awful way to live.

Ok. I’m lying. Being famous and rich really sounds great. I’m just a jaded unknown, moneyless, unattractive guy who is trying to downplay the greatness of being known. The famous really are lucky. And really are much better than the rest of us.

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