Google Has Shown That People Are Really All The Same

This understanding came rather innocently enough. One night while researching how to craft the perfect blueberry pie I turned to my trusted search engine, Google. As I started typing in my question/topic of interest words sprouted up below the worlds I was typing in. Almost as they….already knew what I was going to say.

After getting over the fear that Google is simply everywhere in our lives (which it kind of is) I realized that these search suggestions came up because others had asked the same questions and wanted to retrieve information on the same topic that I wished to learn about.

After the feeling of how unoriginal I am, I felt a sense of relief that there are others out there who are wondering the same exact things as me. And after thinking about it more, I felt sad because the fact that people are searching for the random nonsense I look for kind of makes me wonder how much longer we have as a society. I mean, the fact that Google feels it is good business to help you along when you search for silly kittens we may be too far gone.

Of course, some would argue that Google is just trying to get some adorableness out to the public. Maybe some guy in Fargo North Dakota wanted to search for kitten torture and Google tried to steer him to the path of good.

Or maybe we as human beings are all so sickenly similar that it makes you wonder why we just can’t get along. I believe I wrote something that stated that opium would would help quell all this pointless anger we have.

But something tells me you don’t need opium to simply stop being a dick.


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