Maybe the Amish Have it Right (my lifetime of rumspringa)

When the world ends I’m pretty sure it will be brought on by technology. All these innovations we’ll ultimately lead to the demise we’ve all long  been awaiting.

We’ve certainly come a long way in a rather short time. A mere 100 yeas ago we could hardly tie our shoes (it’s in history books) and now we can find out virtually anything we want just by pushing a button. It used to take days to deliver a message to a person. Now it takes only seconds. Tasks that took hours now only take minutes. If we wanted to, we would never have to leave the house and we’d still get by fine.

All these things sound like a positive. Things are a whole lot simpler now, right?

No. They’re not. Things, if anything, are more complicated than they’ve ever been. Having information at our fingertips 24/7 is more detrimental to the human race than simply not knowing some things.

Take for instance the inventions of social networks such as Facebook and Myspace. Never before in history have we known more about complete strangers. Yet the inverse of that is that we’ve never been more disconnected from each other. While I may know everything going on in your life (who you’re dating/how the relationship is going, what schools you’ve attended and jobs you’ve worked, how you’re feeling after watching Glee, etc..) I still have no idea who you are. These little tid-bits that our casually thrown out into the world via the internet tell me about you without really telling me anything.

What I mean by that is that while we are continually allowing more of our lives leak into the public eye, we are leaving out the human aspect of it. In some ways, we are taking out the emotions involved in all these things. It’s as if we’re becoming cold and mechanical. Instead of going to someones home or calling someone or writing a letter (they still exist) we tap words on a tiny screen and hit send, or we sit in front of a box and push keys and convey emotions that no one will ever know if they are genuine or not. And we’re all ok with that. We’re ok with the lack of privacy. We gladly let the world know everything about ourselves even when the world doesn’t care at all. It makes us feel important. Makes us feel like we have a place in the world that matters and everyone else needs to know.

It’s sad. It’s sad and it’s addicting. It’s sad and it’s addicting and it’s so easy to get caught up in. Everyone is doing it and if you don’t make yourself do it as well there’s something wrong with you. In actuality, not getting caught up in it is the best thing you can do. Stay private. Really private. You’ll be happier. The saying goes ‘ignorance is bliss’ and that sentiment is painfully true.

By the way, I do realize the hypocrisy of me typing this on an online blog; spouting my opinions and trying to get people to come and see them. I constantly ask people to visit this thing and only because I want to see the number of visitors rise so I feel like I’ve accomplished something, when the truth is I’ve accomplished nothing*.

I’d write more, but I have to go update my Facebook status. The world needs to know what I think when it comes to Brett Farve’s penis.

*This is kind of a lie. I have accomplished something. I don’t know who else would so willingly admit to the world how big of an idiot he is. Really. Just read this blog and you’ll know.


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