Finding Meaning In Your Mistakes (how to live with no regrets)

We’ve all messed up. Probably pretty badly at one point or another. The good thing is that we’ve managed to move past these self inflicted setbacks and come out relatively unscathed on the other side; The bad is that we’ve lied to ourselves to get to that point.

It’s simple really. After we have made a mistake that has had an impact on our lives, we reason with ourselves. We say things like, this happened because this other thing wouldn’t have happened if the other thing didn’t. But that logic is flawed. You only say those things after something has happened that has in some way or another made your life better. Whether it be you getting a new job, finding another person to spend your time with and fuss over, or discovering that you love blue berries, you’ll say that these revelations wouldn’t be possible without your initial blunder. I say you just weren’t looking close enough at the world around you.

I don’t really have a problem with people thinking things are the way they are because everyone is on a path or whatever. I’m not even sure what I believe when it comes to fate and things of that nature. I do know, though, that I think that we should maybe just start admitting that we’re in situations we’re in because something happened and we can’t be where we once were. There’s nothing wrong with that. No shame. It’s just the truth.

You being a lousy lover didn’t allow you to find your soul mate. Time did. You messing up an account at work didn’t lead you to dicover your love of teaching. It just presented itself to you as a viable way to make money. You blowing your engine because you didn’t check the oil didn’t lead to you purchasing your dream car. Necessity did.

But we all say that it did lead us to where we are. And we make our mistakes go from being a bad thing into a necessary means to get you to where you needed to be. And that kind of makes our mistakes seem like they were worth making. Instead of just being a mistake, our mistakes become something we cherish. We justify everything and we fall asleep at night with a feeling of being one with the world. Because after all, even our mistakes are on our side and only there to make us become a better version of us.

I must really have a lot of faults.


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