Oh, Hey November

Now that our guts are full with candy and other sweets we usher in the month of November.

I know it’s cliche, but time really did sneak up on me this year. At the moment it’s taking the form of November. Before it took the form of October. Before that it was September, August, July, ect…

Regardless of how fast time is or isn’t going, I have a simple plea for our current station of the calendar: don’t suck.

It’s a simple request. I just want things to be OK. I’m not even looking for them to be amazing. I just want to get through this month unscathed. That’s it.

I’ll wish the rest of you the same. Unless you’ve already wished that you want November to suck for me. In that case, I want you to meet the same fate of the dinosaurs (making bad choices while investing your 401k into less than reputable assets and then covering up their market stupidty by burning the world). But instead of being propped up in some museum I want your bones to be used as Rosie O’donnell’s personal ass crack scratcher. And I want your soul to somehow be caught inside of the bones so you realize what is happening and are powerless to stop it.

So anyway, here’s to the possibility of November not sucking!


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