What TV Commercials Are Telling Me About Life

By watching TV I’ve learned of what the future holds in store for me: I’m going to get diabetes, need to lose weight by getting freezer dried food delivered to me, check my credit score for free, need a law firm to sue someone because I’ve contracted mesothelioma, have awful skin that will require ointments that actors use, need a pill to sleep, Apple will control the world, everyone will be able to know every single thing about me with the push of a button, that there are beautiful women out there all who will never want anything to do with me, and when I have sex I’ll have to figure out how to have it while sitting in a separate bathtub.

I don’t know about you, but I have a feeling that the future is probably going to be just awful and I really don’t need TV commercials to constantly remind me of this; especially when I’m trying to dull myself to the very things they shove down my throat.

To be completely honest, most things in the media just depress me. They depress me because they are fake. And fake things make me sad because it just seems like everyone is a liar. And in the case of popular media, they are. Everyone is getting paid to be fake. The only thing that isn’t pretend our the commericals. Those reminders of what illnesses are lurking behind every breath, how I’ll try to do everything to make myself attractive and still come up short, that my privacy is being compromised more and more every single second and I have to be ok with it or run the risk of not fitting in, that I’ll never be truly happy without the aid of something else.

These are all truths and these are things that are being delivered to you inbetween sitcoms or sporting events which only seem to be there to sedate you a little bit.

Maybe the worst part about it all is that I always go back to it. It’s an abusive relationship and I make excuses.


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