Fox News: Stop With the Alerts

While flipping through the tv I came across the Fox News Channel. Now, to be completely honest and transparent, I do watch Fox News. I try to watch other news outlets with a different kind of spin as well to balance everything out. But I always go back to Fox. It could be that they broadcast my favorite show on TV, Red Eye, which has the wonderful air time of 3:00 AM which is perfect for insomniacs like myself. It could also be I have a slight infatuation with several of the anchors who work the station. I’m looking at you Geraldo.

So as my figners stumbled upon Fox I couldn’t help but notice how they constantly have ‘Fox News Alerts’. Everytime that damn little thing pops up I think, ‘my goodness what has happened in the world that I need to be alerted about?’ . Thankfully, my fear of a catastrophic event is curbed when I see that some judge made a ruling down in Southern California that is kind of controversial. Or some small factory in Georgia had a fire. Or some person who had been missing in a small town for two days has been found. Or the moon has exploded and the tides are causing the mainland everywhere in the world to flood and massive death and disease are running wild.

Ok, not the last one. But the others are good examples of what Fox considers alerts. It makes me think of the story of the wolf and that fella’ who lied all the time and when there was really a problem no one cared or believed him. I’m not calling fox that particular fella’, but it’s beginning to get like that. When I hear the sound that accompanies the graphic of an alert I don’t even turn my head. Which isn’t good I think.

But then again, if the moon has exploded what good is that alert going to be? Bring on the tide with a blissful ignorance.


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