Are You There God? It’s Me, Keith

“Which one?” He replied.

Ok, now that I got that awful joke out of the way we can talk about my ‘thing’ with God.

As many in this country, I was born into a strong Christian family and was raised accordingly. While I was baptized Catholic, I spent my formative years worshipping in a non-denominational church. I tried to live within the teachings of Christ and to be honest, I still try to, although I would consider myself more of a lapsed Christian than a church goer.

While I still have faith in God, I find myself thinking sometimes that it’s all so silly. To think that there’s more to life than just living sometimes seems absurd. At the drop of a hat, though, my view of the world can be deeply cemented in the fact that there is an afterlife. Both of these opposing views can be formed simply by going to my car on a clear star filled night. You know the kind of night I mean. Those nights where at one moment you feel like the only person alive and the vast expanse of the sky and space makes you feel lonely and afraid. At the same time though, looking at that clear sky makes you feel some how at peace. Knowing that our knowledge of what lies out there in the darkness of the sky is so miniscule can make you feel like there must be something more. And that feeling, while jarring, is comforting. To me anyway.

To go onto a different topic while staying on topic, people who kill for God are incredibly silly. Ok. That was a little harsh. I should have said that they are terrible human beings who deserve to be punched in the throat. That’s more kind. Really, what’s the point in murdering people in the name of God? Whether you be Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Scottish, whatever. Why go through all that trouble? And why would you want to worship a God who tells you to kill people?¬† I wouldn’t.

Back during the Spanish Inqusition christians went and murdered and tortured ‘infidels’ because they wouldn’t convert to Catholicism. Right there I have a problem and it starts with the whole idea of trying to recruit new members to your church. To take a completely human stance on this, people suck. And crowds of people are pretty awful, too. Why would you want more people in Heaven? So they can park in your spot? Steal your date to the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance? I think not. The less the better.

I think it’s great for people to have faith in something, even if it’s something I don’t also have faith in. As long as you are a peaceful person who doesn’t force their opinions on others, what do I care who they pray to? I think some people care too much about things that they shouldn’t be focused on. Maybe if we cared less the world would be a safer, more loving place.

I think there’s a Beatle’s song about that, but I could be confusing them for the Jonas Brothers.


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