Girls On Hair Care Products Are Moody

If you happen to be snooping around your local drug store or retail chain that offers beauty products, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of attractive women are modeling the products. There are two reasons for this, and only two.

1) All women are attracted to other good looking women. I have no problem with this. I mean, I’m pretty sure that if I was a woman I would be attracted to other females as well. They are majestic beings and are just great to gaze at. But, I know that not every woman is attracted to others of the same sex, even if every female I have met has called another hot at one point or another.

2) These models show the phases of a females menstrual cycle. These boxes of hair dye and hair accessories have women wearing various emotions. They show women smiling, women with anger in their eyes, women who look pissed off, ect…These expressions all find a place during the menstrual cycle.

This seems kind of sexist if you ask me, but it makes sense. Women need company and support. These ladies on these boxes show them that they’ve all had terrible PMS as well. That their cramps have been jsut as bad if not worse than yours. That they have gotten annoyed over nothing and have let that annoyance ruin their entire day. But they also show the positive aspects. They are relieved when they get their period because they know that their close call will only remain a close call. They are happy when the flow begins to get light and that the whole ordeal is almost at an end. In a way, they show hope.

So, even if those pretty* gals on those boxes are moody they are moody for a reason. They are moody because they are just like any other female. They go through a menstrual cycle just like you. And they get through it and so can you.

*Not all of these girls are pretty. Some are just odd looking.


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