Non Sequitors and Sleeplessness

While researching a bit of Salvador Dali’s artwook, which was brought on by watching Pawn Stars on the History Channel where the folks at the shop considered buying an Alice In Wonderland book that was illustrated by Dali, I came across various artsy terms. You know the kind I mean. Terms like surrealism, avant-garde, objectivist, relativist position, and non sequitor.

Basically words that you learn in college and throw around while trying to get laid by some glasses wearing liberal chick who sits a few seats away from you in your western civ class.

Anyway, I stopped and focused on the term non sequitor. Non sequitor is a latin term which in English means “it does not follow”. It’s a technique that is used fairly often in main stream America even if we don’t realize we’re using it. Because of this, there are many sub-genres of non sequitor, all with their own ‘intrinsic’ meaning.

As I read through the logic of non sequitor I realized that I was becoming mentally exhausted. It felt like reading an SAT prep test on a saturday morning. It’s basically a lot of nonsense and some wit. This made me think.

I’ve basically been living a life of non sequitors. Just a whole lot of nonsense and once in a blue moon something vaguely witty. I don’t really know why this is, but I assume it’s due to lack of oxygen when I was just a babe (I had the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck and after that forgot how to breathe. My attempts at infant suicide were adorable).

To be quite honest, I’ve lost what the point of this was. I went on a tangent which held no real clear thought. I think the point was supposed to be that reading about non sequitors made me sleepy. So, let’s go with that.

If you can’t sleep at night just go and read about non sequitors and various other artsy/literary terms. It will confuse you because talking about these things helms a false sense of intelligence which requires a person to use big smart words to describe another smart word. And big words are exhausting.

There. Tied it together.

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