Why Marijuana* Should Be Legalized

Emery Cat.

Yes, this delightful product made for your adorable (or psychotic) kitten or adult kitten (which is called a cat) has made me feel even stronger in my belief that marijuana should be legalized.

First, let’s talk about what Emery Cat is. It’s basicaly an emery board that you can put cat nip in. Cat nip, or cat crack. Or in this case, cat pot. So this silly cat keeps on going back to the emery board because getting high is a blast**. And in the process of getting happy it’s claws are cut and made adorable by not scratching anyone.

So let’s apply this to humans. A human goes and smokes pot. They get high. Then they go to there emory board (tv/computer) and watch silly things like Top Cat or Family Guy or Aqua Teen Hunger Force or basically everything on Adult Swim. Or you go and listen to some Led Zeppelin and just ‘get it, man’.

The worst possible scenario is if you and the rascals you call friends decide to take a walk. Because, obviously walking around when stoned is a bad idea. Right? Oh yeah, I forogot. It’s harmless***. You just walk around and laugh and get hungry or walk around and get hungry and laugh. And that’s just silly fun times which are better than sad unfun times.

So maybe we should just stop the nonsense when it comes to marijuana and let ‘responsible’ adults partake if they want. Afterall, alcohol is an awful substance when abused, but we seem to glorify it. Why not glorify pot and point out that abusing it is also bad but not as bad as abusing alcohol? Not that you should abuse anything.

Except love. You can abuse love. But not filthy Craig’s List love. More adorable stoned kitten swatting at a toy with wide eyes love.


*I don’t smoke marijuana.

**I wouldn’t know if getting high is a blast.

***Like anything, being impaired can be dangerous, but there’s levels and this is a pretty timid level.

 ****I really don’t smoke marijuana. I just want to make that abundantly clear. Although I don’t smoke, I do think it’s a persons choice and if they want to smoke a joint in their house who am I to judge? Knock yourself out. You’re not harming me or anyone else by watching Fantasia in awe.

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