Political Dissent and My Dream of Working for the Huffington Post (really!)

There are two publications I would absolutely love to write for. The first, and probably obvious one, is The Onion because it’s pretty much all I do in my mind everyday (make up things and laugh, though I sometimes cry as well). The other publication I would love to write for is less obvious, The Huffington Post.

I disagree with a heck of a lot of the opinions given at Huffington Post, but going up against those opinions excites me.

For instance, I have a dislike for people who only speak to a crowd of supporters. This partially shows why I have such disdain for Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert. While all of them (meaning Stewart and Colbert) can be funny at times, it certainly helps knowing that your audience is one that will agree with you always. And why do they agree with you always? Because your main viewers are college aged individuals who have found out that being vaguely liberal is sexy.

I can’t really blame them for thinking this. You go to college and you think you’re somehow enlightened because you’ve learned the truth about what the ‘white man has done to its Native American brothers’*. It’s kind of like feeling that you’re finally able to comprehend subject matter that the walls of your high school just wouldn’t allow you to conceive. So you feel smart, enlightened, and adult. Though, you’re not really an adult. You’re still a kid. I know this from experience.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. College kids suck and when you’re audience is mainly college kids, you kind of suck too. Especially if you’re claiming to be edgy when all you’re really doing is holding on to a fan base. Bill Maher is a hack. He’s the guy at the party who sits by himself, with this pseudo-intellectual demeanor that he thinks makes him look good. It doesn’t. It makes you look like a schmuck.

With Stewart and Colbert, I give them a little more credit. They will at times go into a less than comforting setting and do their thing. Hell, just days ago Colbert testified before congress. Personally, I don’t know why he would even be invited there, but he took advantage of the oppurtunity. More power to him.

To bring this full circle, my idea of being a brave person in the world of politics and political dissention is to go out of your comfort zone and share your opinion there. Not only is it more difficult to fight your way through a debate in a situation with people opposed to you, but it is also more enlightening. You may, as steadfast in your beliefs as you are, learn something new that will make you think differently about the subject entirely.

Which is a good thing, because the right decision rarely finds itself on the right or left side. It’s usually somewhere in the middle.

*Don’t get me wrong, Native Americans really got treated like the runt of the litter. As a white person, I would like to apologize to my Native American brethren. I wasn’t there, but if were I would have been standing right beside you. Or, at least I wouldn’t have given you a blanket.

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