What Were All Those Gals Really Like?

Whether it be Allison, Beth, Barbara Ann, Caroline, Layla, or Michelle, these lucky (or unlucky) women have dated people who sing and play instruments and have become the subject of a song. They’ll even have the pleasure of not only being the subject of the song, but having the thing named after them. Which leads me to wonder, who are these women and how do they feel about forever being etched in entertainment history?

As usual, I’m not really going to research the meanings of any of these songs because I am lazy and facts are kind of dumb when you’re just rolling with it.

Sometimes when I can’t sleep at night (which is ually every night, though it’s not every night that I think about this) I think about these women. What they were really like. Not just the perception that’s given in the song. Afterall, a song is really a one sided account of something or someone. There’s no back and forth. So what were these girls like? What were they really like?

I bet they were just girls. And there’s nothing wrong with that. People are just people, usually, unless they are a hybrid of some sort (I’m looking at you goat-people). People, in nature, are flawed. But we are also beautiful beings at times. And unfortunately, these women are being viewed for one moment of their long existance. So forever in the minds of casual observers, ‘so-and-so’ will forever be the wild girl, or the whore, or the crazy girl, or the breathtaking girl, or the girl who moved away, or the girl who slashed some tires, or that girl who took my socks and washed them with her red shirt causing me to have pink socks (thank you so much Bethany!).

So, let’s look at these songs just as little tiny moments in time. Just moments that were either wonderful, heartbreaking, infuriating, or just something that happened to happen. Besides, we’re all be dead before long anyway so these songs won’t really mean much after that.


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