My Favorite Animals are Usually Looked Down Upon

Case and point: Elephants; Manatees.

Those are my favorites. Both of them, unfairly I may add, are looked down upon. Especially manatees. I mean ‘sea cows’? Come on. They are lovely creatures. Hell, even cows are pretty neat. They give us milk and cheese and yogurt and ice cream and steak and the lovely sport of cow tipping.

So perhaps we should praise these animals. Afterall, they are much better than those God awful ants. To find out my opinion of ants read back a little bit where I somehow bring ants into a discussion of racism. I’m an odd one for sure.

Also, sorry that this is so short and pointless. My creative gene (shockingly I have one, I think) got punched in it’s figurative throat today. I’ll do better next time.


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