Why do I sometimes get confused when I read your blog, Keith?

Because you’re trying too hard to find something clever in my ramblings, friend.

Really though, if you happen to read this you’ll probably notice that at times my English isn’t quite up to par. Or, not up to the Scholastic standard. I’m positive I have mispelled words, and possibly even used certain words incorrectly (though I can’t think of an instance off the top of my head). At times, I may even seem like I’m just putting words in places they don’t belong. I blame this due to the fact that when I write on here I’m writing from a stream of consciousness. For better or for worse, it’s just how I try to keep honest. Even if it makes things jagged and disjointed.

I should probably get an editor if I ever plan to submit one of the things I write for publication. I tend to just go with it whenever I get an idea and because of that fact I leave grammar ruined in my wake (especially when it comes to ‘to’ and ‘too’).

So excuse my mistakes. I don’t mind them and you shouldn’t either.



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