A Rather Short* Aside on Racism#1

Just to clarify, I don’t have any other things going on in my mind at the moment that involve racism. With that being said, why limit myself to only one rather short aside on racism? I’m sure something else will come up involving race and I’ll feel the need to give my take on it. And my take will be ignored. Which is fine, because honestly, most of what I say is worth the value of the entire country of Greece.

Now to the my rather short aside: If white supremacists are constantly preaching about how African-Americans are inferior to whites, why do they waste their time on the subject?

For instance, I feel superior to ants (a silly thing considering ants are worth slightly more than the value of Greece), but I don’t waste my time marching down the street with clever** * anti-ant signs.

I know what you’re thinking: I’m not clever enough to think of an anti-ant sign. Well you should maybe stop thinking, because I have plenty. For example: If I wANTed ANTS I would have moved to ANTartica, Honk If You Support Magnifying Glasses, cANT wait to get rid of all those ANTS!!!, Sally Field Supports Banning Ants from Our Schools, ect..

The point is though, I would never go through the energy to make these signs let alone march down a street with them. Why would I want to waste my time over something, me being superior, that I believe is a fact?

Obviously there is an answer to what makes white supremacists feel like they have to tell the world they are better than people of color: Penis envy denial, or PEV as the fine folks at Dartmouth would say.

Just to quickly point something out: I am in no way comparing ants to African-Americans. While ants are black, they are also red. And I hate the red ones a lot more than the black ones. Red, or fire ants, are really a bunch of jerks who hurt you just because they are followers of Mao. It’s true. Check your history books. Or pick up the one I penned, A History of the Commies of the Animal Kingdom. It’s available on amazon.com for the low price of a soul and breakfast at some shady diner off Route 1 in New Jersey. I like waffles and grits.

In conclusion, people who believe in the white supremacy movement are assholes. And they are superior to nothing. Not even fire ants, and fire ants are just about the worst thing on the planet.

*By short I mean long.

**By clever I mean not clever at all.

** *I have never seen a clever racist slogan in my life. They are all simply awful and people who carry them on sticks are worse.

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