A Message To ‘Y’

Make up your damn mind. You’re so indecisive it makes me want to puke. Not just a little bit either, or in the usual huddled position by the toliet with the room spining behind me. I want to puke at all angles, in all positions. That’s what you make me want to do. So cut it out.

Seriously, all of your friends have themselves figured out. You would never see ‘B’ pretending to be a vowel. It’s a consonant. And consonant sounds like constant, which is what you’re not. And you know what vowel sounds like? Bowel. As in Bowel movement. Why so eager to be that guy?

Is it because they are valued slightly higher on Wheel of Fortune? Or is it because there is only a ‘select’ few?

I don’t even care about your reasoning. I would just like you to be all in if you want to be that. Sometimes just sucks. So why not man up and make up your mind. I for one would love it. You pretentious jerk. God.


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