Earl the Grass Blower

That’s what Hurricane Earl should have been named. This big storm, which we were all so afraid of, has whimpered.

Now, it’s always best to be safe when dealing with a possible catostrophe and it being the five year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina certainly didn’t put a person’s mind at ease. And to be honest, I’m very happy happy this storm didn’t turn into anything more than an inconvience.

But a part of me kind of likes catostrophe (only when brought on by nature). I don’t like seeing people hurt or homes destroyed. But, I do like seeing reporters standing on a beach being tossed and turned by strong wind gusts, and audio being suffocated with the sound of hammering rain. It’s the one constant of hurricane season: you will see some guy/gal on a  beach in a poncho saying how awful it is on the beach.

When Iwas younger (and kind of now come to think of it) I wanted to be that person. When I was real young, thunder and lightning scared me. Bad weather meant a sleepless night and a racing heart. But then something happened. I don’t really know what, but I wanted to be a weatherman. And I wanted to be the person on the beach, getting pelted by rain and pushed about by wind.

So, seeing this hurricane turn into something weak kind of bums me out. There’s still the reporters on the beach, but it’s a whole lot less dangerous and that makes me sad. It’s messed up, but the hurricane season is kind of like a lottery that no one wants to win. Except for me. Probably because I’m a tool. Or because watching nature keep us in the know about how it has the final say in all things dealing with this planet makes me good. I’d rather have nature destroy us than man. Or bears for that matter.


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