Stephen Stills You’re a Jerk

And it all stems from the song ‘Love the One You’re With’, performed by the hip-hop group Crosby Stills and Nash (and sometimes Young when Neil Young decided to show up and be all Neil Young like, which means studded clothing).*

The lyrics basically promote free love, which is easy to do when you’re in a band that got laid pretty much all the time (it’s documented in the Guns N’ Roses song ‘Welcome to the Jungle’). And just because, the song states, you can’t with the one you love you can just up and fuck some other girl. Why? Well, because you’re both in the same room and have parts that fit.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. The idea of the song is about realizing that there are countless other people out there and you will find someone else and there’s no sense brooding over a past love.

I happen to disagree. If your whole idea of love is finding someone who you can settle on, then that’s kind of sad. And goes against the whole idea of the passion that is behind love. It’s like going to a garage sale and pretending to be at a Macy’s a week before Christmas (I felt like I needed a metaphor there and I had none. So make it something that makes sense).

So, in conclusion, love the one you love. And don’t settle. Settling is for suckers. And suckers suck. And suckers settle. Thus making settlers suck and suckers settlers (the sleep aid hit hard for the duration of that rambling).

*Upon further research, meaning wikipedia and an extra 30 seconds, Stephen Stills recorded that song for a solo album tenderly titled Stephen Stills. I actually found that out before the second paragraph. I was just too lazy to correct it, yet not lazy enough write an aditional paragraph explaining my initial blunder.


One Response to “Stephen Stills You’re a Jerk”

  1. Pallen Says:

    I met Stills after a concert in his tour bus with one of his friends. I know he’s deaf and old but was a total jerk. He may be old and can’t hear but why was he such a jerk? It just goes to show you, just because someone has talent doesn’t mean they are good people

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