Right and Wrong/Good and Evil and Those Dumbies Called Sociologists*

One of my favorite shows in recent memory was a show called Taboo which was on History International (I think. I could be wrong. There’s been a lot of fourloku’s between then and now. Between this sentence actually). The show looked at other countries and things they did that we as American’s would find offensive which are common place to their primarily ass backward societies.

For instance, in an African nation that I honestly can’t recall the name of, women were spayed. That is the least graphic way I can describe getting the most sensitive part of a females body removed (without anything to numb the immeasurable pain). After the removal of the pleasure center of the female body, their vagina is sewn up until they are wed. At this point, the woman is unsewed and the man has his way and she is sewn back up again. This stays until the woman becomes pregnant. When her due date comes they re-open her so the child can come into a world where things like this happen and are often accepted as ‘just the way things are’.

I call bullshit.

I took sociology in high school and college and in both they teach you that different parts of the world have different ways of living. Obviously. It doesn’t take a few aforementioned fourlokus too understand that (they have replaced dry gin as my cheap way to get to wear I want to get. Apparently I want to get to an early grave or a meeting). Different cultures and countries have different ways of doing things. It’s the same in America, which is the greatest nation ever because of its ability to mix cultures.

I dated a girl who was of Cuban descent for over a year (a year and a half before it went to hell and I started consuming massive amounts of Captain Morgan). When I would go to her residence I understood that there was a different way of doing things. The hispanic culture that influenced her influenced our relationship as well. And that’s ok.

But beyond simple matters of custom is where I draw the line. Snipping a ladies clit off and sewing her up to fit some, excuse me, but fucked up idealogy, is not ok. And some sociologists would say otherwise. And they would be wrong.

Just because a certain culture does things differently doesn’t make them alright. If I were to by chance live in Belgium (I’m a fan of their waffles) and took to killing defenseless children in the name of culture, it would still be wrong. That’s the problem with college and thought today. People are afraid to draw a line in the sand of what is right and wrong. It’s not that hard to realize it. Listen to your gut. Most of the time when it starts giving you a funny feeling and you start wondering if it’s the right thing to do, then it probably isn’t (that’s why senior prom was a terrible time for me. I sat at home and had funny feeling in my stomach, most likely from the immodium).

Right and wrong shouldn’t be something that sit in a book. It should be within us all. And if it isn’;t, then you’re probably another Ted Bundy or Charles Manson. And, either way, you kind of suck (don’t kill me for thinking that though. Afterall, we’re all for free thought in America).

*I apologize for any terrible mispellings or intterupted thoughts. I’ve been drinking and throwing water balloons at my nieces feet. This is the life I lead. By the way, Ryan: This is the kind of stuff I write about. I hope you kept CTS looking good the hour after I left.**

**I work with Ryan. He’s a good guy and a Jet’s fan. Forgive him.***

***I kind of like the Jets. I’m a Giants fan but they play the Jets maybe once in a season. This crosstown, or in-town rivalry is bullshit.****

****Unless it means the world to you to hate a sports team because of where you live.*****

*****Get a life (like I desperately need).


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