Exactly Why Writing Down Ideas at Night Half Asleep Leads You No Where


That’s what a draft of a text message on my phone says. It says Vocab/Distance, and I have no idea what the hell it means or what the hell I was getting at while punching it into my env3 (the most technological thing I own if you don’t count my robotic sneeze guard I had attached after a bad experience at a family barbecue).

I like to have pen and paper with me at all times in case genius* strikes. During the day I carry a tiny black Moleskin notebook in my back pocket (the one that boasts that da Vinci used it for his wacky escapades and erotic drawings). This comes in handy especially while taking a train that is crowded because if you look like you are workig on quantum physics and seem eratic while doing it people tend to give you some space.

*I have never done anything in my life that warrants the title genius.

But sometimes you remember your notebook but forget a writing impliment or you remember your pen but forget your notebook. For these situations, your best bet is to take out your cell phone, which you almost will never leave behind unless you purposefuly do so or you went on a bender the night before and have to go to a seedy apartment in Harlem to retrieve it from a friendly but agressive lad who calls himself Mr. Sniffles. While I won’t say I’m afraid of him, I will say that I certainly would never want to get on his bad side.

Anyway, you get your phone out and you can either go to the settings&tools part of your phone and go to the notebook application and punch in whatever you have to. Or you could just enter a text to know one and safe it as a draft and hopefully remember what you meant when you felt compelled to enter Vocab/Distance.

I’ve tried to figure out what this means or what it meant and I for the life of me can’t wrap my head around it. I don’t see what the two have in common. Granted, I am pretty tired from the generic Nyquil I just consumed, but I don’t think that factors into this.

The sad thing is, maybe when I jotted this down it really made sense in my mind. Perhaps I was trying to come up with a rather solid idea that various forms of vocab drive people further apart when really they are just creating the distance between cultures and the only reason why they do it is because it has been etched in their being.

Or maybe I was at work one day and though I could think of something clever involving distance and vocab. I have no diea what I was thinking. Neither of those things really make any sense at all unless you force them to. So, I think the safer bet is that I was intoxicated and two words, for no apparent reason, just needed to take up space in my phone.

To maybe further this example, I will now show you things that I have saved in the notepad on my phone. All of these are real, by the way. I’ll even include the date and time when they appeared there. (I’m only including the ones that make absolutely no sense. Some of the others will inevitably find their way onto this blog).

Tuesday October 20th, 9:24 PM: Lobster Day=Everyday

Saturday November 14, 6:27 PM: Tntamusements.com Fun

Friday February 5th, 4:33 AM: Beer (summit)

Friday July 2nd, 1:46 PM: Landslide depresses me because I feel like the person Stevie Nixx is leaving.**

Wednesday July 21st, 3:50 AM: Mylife.com***

Sunday July 25th, 11:04 AM: Leaveislamsafely.com****

** This topic will find it’s way onto this blog. That song does depress me and Stevie Nixx should be ashamed for making me sad.

*** I went to Mylife.com and found that no one had be searching for me. My ego was crushed.

**** While in New York City shooting an NYU student film I noticed several cabs with this header on them. I was intrigued and took down the website. I have not gone there once, although Fox News did a special on it. Neither did I watch that either.

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