Hey guy who thinks Coldplay sucks

I agree with you, but you don’t have to be such a dick about it.

So imagine this: you’re at a party and the liquor is flowing and you get into a conversation about music because, well, the liquor is flowing. So your conversation starts with the usual drunk music talk. (ie: ‘my god this song represents my life’, ‘I want this song to play at my funeral’, ‘Pope Gregory the First is simply breathtaking’, ect…)

And then it changes. You don’t realize it but you will say something that will cause the person you’re talking with to get almost violently angry. And it will have to do with a type of music you like or a musical opinion you have that they just can’t wrap their stupid heads around. You will probably end up fighting for the duration of your conversation with them as you pound mojitos before you go talk to someone else and mutter about what a tool that person was. Later on you will wonder what you were fighting about and only know that it was about how you like N’SYNC more than the Backstreet Boys. You’ll probably even think, ‘I don’t even hate the Backstreet Boys. They have some danceable tunes.’ And then, finally, you’ll think, that person I was arguing with was really a jerkoff who bated me into a conversaiton I didn’t even want to have just to yell about something I don’t really care about.

You see, there are people out there who can’t seem to handle the idea that everyone has different musical taste and that that musical taste you have comes from a myriad of reasons that are as much of a part of you as is your spleen (unless you had it removed, in which case pretend I said tonsils).

That’s the problem with people who feel like music elititsts; they are so caught up in themselves that they can’t fathom that someone else could ever have any other opinion than the one that they hold. It doesn’t matter to them that you may have had a moment in your life that you distinctly remember that involves the song Hang On Sloopy by The McCoys. All they know is that The McCoys suck and because you have a fond memory involving that song that makes you enjoy the group, you suck too.

When any person who doesn’t have their head up their ass can see that the person who is yelling about how Eric Clapton is nothing compared to John Mayer is really the one who sucks(and it has nothing to do with their opinion).

For the record, I want to apolgize to Chris Martin and the boys in Coldplay. You have more money than I will ever see and are adored by screaming, sad eyed females.

So maybe in the end, I’m the one who sucks.


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