Lindsay Lohan: A Sad Story (a rather short critique on media )

Everyone has their demons. Everyone makes mistakes. I think that we can all agree on this.

Then why is that we constantly make a person who is struggling with a problem and fighting a war, which at the moment they seem to be losing, into some kind of monster.

To be completely honest, I don’t care much about Lindsay Lohan. She’s an actress who I only know about because one time in elementary school we all gathered into the auditorium and were treated to her performance in The Parent Trap. And I also know who she is because apparently she should just die already. Or, so that’s what the media seems to be perpetuating.

We as a society tend to lose sight of the fact that people who are famous are still human. If you put yourself out there for scrutiny, you do need tough skin and need to let things go in one ear and out the other. At the same time, we, as human beings can only be subjected to so much before it causes problems.

This is why I would hope that some people in the media would realize that them constantly ripping her to shreds is only serving to make her predicament worse. It would be nice to see people saying nice things about this. Hopeful things. Like how it would be for the best if she gets the help she needs. Which hopefully she is getting right now.

A positive media. Wow. What an idea.

2 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan: A Sad Story (a rather short critique on media )”

  1. The loser in us all Says:

    If it wasnt for the constant tracking, exploitaion and criticizing of the lohans of the world, how would we gauge our existances?

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