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The Muppet Helen Thomas and Random Grumblings on Censorship

June 6, 2010

Helen Thomas apparently isn’t very fond of Israel. You know what? That’s ok with me.

Ok, let me back track a little bit. Helen Thomas, the dinosaur of the White House Press Corps, was recently recorded saying how the people of Israel should go back where they came from. You know, Poland and Germany. That they are occupiers and are basically holding Palestinians hostage.

I would show you the up close and personal footage, but honestly it’s what I imagine was inside the arc of the covenant and I’m kind of amazed I can still see.

Anyway, I really, really disagree with Muppet Thomas. I kind of wonder why two people can’t just live in peace and be ok with each other, but I understand that humanity is pretty much awful and such a simple concept is unattainable. Still, I think that she has every right to say what she said. I don’t think she should apologize. She meant what she said.

Of course, she issued an apology and it just comes off as disingenous. I’d much rather her stand by her words. Just because she said something that I disagree with, something hateful, and something just dumb, doesn’t mean she should hide her words behind some thinly veiled apology.

We have a problem in this country with words. We say the wrong things and then state how we ‘didn’t mean them’ or they were ‘taken out of context’. I tend to think that when people say things off the cuff they are speaking from some sort of section of themselves that they believe in. That it’s not just words that happened to align themselves correctly.

I just wish people would star owning up to their words. If you believe something, then go with it, regardless of what others think. I like to think most people will be able to distinguish between what is good and what is bad.

And there I go contradicting myself. Humanity is damned but let’s trust it to humans. Bravo, Keith, bravo.


Number One

June 2, 2010

This is my first post on this blog.  To be honest, I have no idea what to talk about. At the moment there is nothing on my mind. I’m sitting in my bedroom enjoying some cold beer, and listening to music that reminds me of summer. Which is to say it reminds me of the freedom and good times of summer. Which is to say that I believe that summer represents freedom now that I am older and out of school. I understand that at one point summer did represent freedom, but does it really when you are looking for work and coming to terms with the fact that, no matter the season, you will be working till you die?

Wow. This turned into a downer. Let’s try to make this not so down trodden.

Today I left my house in the early afternoon and I saw two birds playing with each other. I assume they were playing with each other because they were chasing each other around. Taking turns, if you will. And I thought how innocent it was. Me standing outside of my house with the sun shining down on me, watching two birds frolic in the air. And I thought how free those birds must feel. How alive they must be. Mostly because they can fly. And the ability to fly without being in a steel contraption makes me think of liveliness apparently.

So I started thinking about wishes. What would I wish for if I was suddenly granted three wishes? And then I thought why there needed to be three wishes. Why is this prim number the number we hold in such high esteem? And then it became clear. Because three is an awesome number. Jesus rose on the third day. A three day weekend is tops. And three times three equals nine which was my hockey number for the one game I played in high school (I was just awful).

So anyway. Summer is almost upon us. Let’s make it a great one. Be kind to others. Be kind to yourself. Notice the beauty in the world around you. And get some good beer. If you’re of age of course. Listen to some good tunes. Hopefully ones that make you happy. And surround yourself with people you love.

Let’s make this summer the best summer ever. You with me? Good. What about you hiding in the brush over there? No? Well, don’t worry. Winter will be here before you know it, you scallywag you.